IncubatorWorks Helps SoupaPOTamus Launch Successful Startup

SoupaPOTamus founder

IncubatorWorks Helps SoupaPOTamus Launch Successful Startup

IncubatorWorks has been crucial for turning ideas into business in the local community. One successful example of this is SoupaPOTamus. The idea for this organization started through the thought of improving how the communities were sourcing their food. Susan Efthimou, the founder of SoupaPOTamus, uses sustainable, mostly-locally sourced ingredients to prepare the soups.  

Woman pouring beans into a bag of prepackaged soup.

“In each bag, I pour the traditions, the creativity, and my desire for the most delicious, plant-dense soup available that will nourish your family and friends on any given night,” states Susan.  

The company has grown to sell soups online and at local events. Susan highlighted that the SoupaPOTamus’s success is mostly due to the business skills, connections, and networking she gained from working with the local, small business start-up Incubator Works.  

“They helped me hone in on exactly what I wanted to provide for my customers,” said Susan. 

IncubatorWorks teaches business acumen through programs like Co-Starters: a 12-week accelerator program that helps validate business ideas. Susan shared that the Southern Tier is supportive of small business startups and that IncubatorWorks gave her the keys to grow her business. She advises local entrepreneurs to find their own niche. Once entrepreneurs understand their niche, they can use the resources that are available to effectively differentiate themselves from other small businesses in the community.  

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