Entrepreneurs-in-Residence provide 1:1 mentoring to entrepreneurs and startups in the region, lead workshops, and support the entrepreneurial community in and out of our member incubators.

Our mentors come from diverse backgrounds and industries and can provide support to entrepreneurs and startups in all stages, from ideation through prototyping through launch. Learn more about each of our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence:

Brian Bauer Headshot

Brian Bauer

Ed Bizari Headshot

Ed Bizari

Amy Cheney Headshot

Amy Cheney

Nate Cook Headshot

Nate Cook

Susan Fleming Headshot

Susan Fleming

Tony Frontera Headshot

Tony Frontera

Elisa Miller Out Headshot

Elisa Miller-Out

Aaron Proujansky Headshot

Aaron Proujansky

Greg Ray Headshot

Gregory Ray

Ken Rother Headshot

Ken Rother

Stephen Sauer

Stephen Sauer

Justin Smithline Headshot

Justin Smithline

Bennett Thomas Headshot

Bennett Thomas

Greg Thomson

Greg Thomson

Brad Treat Headshot

Brad Treat

Brandon Wright Entrepreneur in Residence

Brandon Wright

Beth Xie Headshot

Beth Xie