Edge Spray Secures Partnership with USA Fencing

Edge Spray Secures Partnership with USA Fencing

Edge Spray has partnered with USA Fencing, the premier authority overseeing fencing in the United States to introduce a non-slip traction spray into the world of fencing, providing athletes improvements in performance and safety. 

A member of the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator, Edge Spray aims to reduce injuries and boost athletes’ confidence and performance. The startup’s product contains the first formula that instantly enhances sneaker grip on indoor surfaces, leaving behind no stickiness or residue. 

“Our partnership with Edge Spray underlines our commitment to providing our athletes with the best possible conditions to excel in their sport,” said Phil Andrews, CEO of USA Fencing. “This isn’t just about performance — it’s about safety, and we’re excited to introduce this technology to our athletes.” 

Fencing demands precision, agility, and stability. Recognizing this, Edge Spray engineered its advanced, non-slip technology to provide fencers with an optimal grip on the playing area. 

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