Koffman Southern Tier Incubator Welcomes New Executive Director

Koffman Southern Tier Incubator Welcomes New Executive Director

The Koffman Southern Tier Incubator recently brought Bandhana Katoch on as its new Executive Director. Katoch is arriving to Binghamton with over 20 years of experience in science, technology, and business. She also has a law degree, and her most recent assignment was with the World Bank in India, where she worked on creating a framework for technology transfer and translational research from universities to the marketplace. 

In her new role, Katoch will be responsible for leading the strategic growth and development of the Koffman. She will oversee the incubator’s programs and services, which offer support to early-stage companies in the Southern Tier. 

“I think the Koffman team has done tremendous work, and now I feel that the next step is to take it to the next level of scaling. That’s why I’m excited to be here and I hope I can contribute towards the next growth of Koffman,” Katoch said. 

One of Katoch’s main objectives is to foster strong partnerships and unity among community stakeholders. She plans to create support systems for small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs in the area. 

“I think the community has a lot of scope — whenever I talk to anybody in Binghamton, they all say, ‘Oh, it used to be a great community,’ in the past tense,” Katoch said. “I hope if we all come together we can change that past tense into future tense where [we say], ‘It’s going to be a great community again.’” 

Katoch’s experience and enthusiasm set the stage for an exciting chapter of growth and innovation in the Binghamton community. With a keen focus on expanding the Koffman’s impact, Katoch’s goals align with their mission to revitalize the local entrepreneurial landscape. 

Read the Q&A with Katoch on the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator’s blog: https://thekoffman.com/qa-with-koffmans-new-executive-director-bandhana-katoch/ 

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