AvantGuard Closes Successful Seed Funding Round, CEO Receives Recognition 

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AvantGuard Closes Successful Seed Funding Round, CEO Receives Recognition 

AvantGuard, a member of the Praxis Center for Venture Development, an incubator in the Southern Tier Startup Alliance (STSA), recently closed on a successful $2.85 million seed funding round.   

With this funding, the startup, previously known as Halomine, plans to further its work in antimicrobial chemistries and hire additional scientists. In addition to the seed funding, AvantGuard was awarded $7.5 million in grants to help accelerate development and allow the company to more efficiently work towards its goal to protect against dangerous pathogens and promote a healthier and safer world.  

AvantGuard is also a recipient of a $1 million Phase III award from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to demonstrate the benefits of AvantGuard247, a spray-on product that dries to leave a thin transparent film, turning the surface it’s applied on into a chlorine battery. 

AvantGuard is led by CEO Ted Eveleth, who was recognized by CEO Magazine as the most influential chemical manufacturing CEO in the country. Eveleth is an entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in entrepreneurship in a broad range of technologies. He believes that teamwork is essential to enact change; he also emphasizes the importance of data-driven decision making and being customer and innovation focused.  

To learn more about AvantGuard’s seed round, read the full article on prnewswire.com

To learn more about CEO Ted Eveleth, read the full article on avantguardinc.com.

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