Forte Protein Joins Center for Life Science Ventures 

The Forte Protein team at the 2022 Grow-NY Food and Agriculture Competition

Forte Protein Joins Center for Life Science Ventures 

Forte Protein, a startup that has developed a technology to grow animal proteins inside plants, recently joined the Center for Life Science Ventures, an STSA member incubator located at Cornell University. The startup was also in the news last year after being named a finalist in the 2022 Grow-NY Food & Agriculture business competition.  

Forte Protein’s method can quickly, affordably, and sustainably grow animal proteins like collagen, myoglobin, ovalbumin, or casein in plants. With potential applications in food, beverage, health and wellness, and other industries, the company’s solution provides a low-carbon alternative to raising livestock.  

As a doctoral student in 2019, co-founder and CEO Kathleen Hefferon participated in the first cohort of Women Entrepreneurs at Cornell (W.E. Cornell), a program that helps researchers commercialize their innovations. She was initially working to develop proteins for biofuels but changed focus to developing proteins for food during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Learn more about Forte Protein in the Cornell Chronicle. 

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