KLAW Industries Awarded $500K in EPA Funding

Photo: person works on Klaw Industries' concrete mix

KLAW Industries Awarded $500K in EPA Funding

Last month, Binghamton-based startup KLAW Industries, a member of the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator, was awarded $500,000 from the Environmental Protection Agency. The company, which manufactures a low-carbon, durable concrete mix called Pantheon, will use the funds to expand their operations in Binghamton and further develop their product.

COO Jacob Kumpon recognized the vital role of Binghamton’s entrepreneurial support resources in the company’s success.

“This would not be possible without the support of The Koffman Incubator, The Office of Entrepreneurship, innovation partnerships at Binghamton University, and the City of Binghamton Economic Development which has really made the city a great place for us to start and grow our business,” said Kumpon.

Since KLAW’s founding at the Koffman Incubator in 2019, the startup has raised more than $1 million dollars in grants and awards.

Kumpon said a partnership KLAW formed with the City of Binghamton over the summer to use Pantheon for the city’s curb and sidewalk upgrades helped their EPA application.

“The fact that we were doing early pilots, as the Mayor had said, with the curb and sidewalk projects with Barney & Dickenson and Torto Construction as well, really kind of set us apart from the other competitors,” Kumpon said. “That we had the support of our local municipality behind us and they were willing to work with us and actually deploy this technology, and that it really did have legs.”

KLAW was one of eight small businesses across the country to receive funding from the EPA. In total, the agency gave out more than $3 million to companies developing sustainable technologies.

Learn more about KLAW Industries on their website.

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