IncubatorWorks VETS Program Helps Veteran Entrepreneurs Launch Businesses

IncubatorWorks VETS Program Helps Veteran Entrepreneurs Launch Businesses

Corning-based startup incubator, IncubatorWorks, has been working towards helping veterans in the SouthernTier area access the tools they need to grow their businesses. Over the past year, they’ve successfully provided resources such as meeting spaces, mentor presentations, and more to several veteran-run businesses. One of these companies is BOSS Security & Automation, a seasoned startup specializing in IP Video Surveillance, Alarm System Installation/Monitoring, Access Control, and more.

Matthew Putt, Vice President of BOSS, says the company got its start right at his kitchen table.

“I had developed a hobby outside of my engineering career, building and learning about camera systems and many of the other technologies that we use at BOSS today. Fast forward a few years BOSS Security & Automation was formed by my old partners and I,” he says.

In July 2018, BOSS was acquired by the BEST corporation, giving the company ample opportunity to grow and thrive within new sectors of the market. According to Putt, what was once an idea in his kitchen has since created several fulltime positions within the community and expanded their services throughout New York, Pennsylvania, and more.

Putt discovered the IncubatorWorks veterans’ program when attending his first Corning Chamber of Commerce meeting. There, he met Executive Director Nancy Kirby Kurjakovic, Co-Executive Director Alan Rae, and Program Manager Ashleigh Madison.

“They had a desire to assist local veteran entrepreneurs in order to help them establish and grow their businesses in our region,” says Putt, “I, being an Army veteran, had the same desire to assist my brothers and sisters in arms and had thought numerous times about establishing a group for the same purpose, but didn’t know where to begin.”

Now, Putt can be considered as a leader of the veteran program. He says that his challenges with transitioning back into civilian lifestyle, especially in the business world, gives him the opportunity to guide other veteran entrepreneurs in the program.

In addition to the camaraderie among veteran members, the program provides extensive resources for veterans looking to expand their business or get it off the ground.

“Knowledge, networking, and motivation I believe are the key takeaways from the VETS group. The amount of knowledge you are surrounded by and have access to through IncubatorWorks and their network is staggering,” says Putt of the resources available at the incubator.

“The impact of this group has been phenomenal for so many,” he says, “We owe the team at IncubatorWorks a huge thank you for everything they have done, and strive to do for our Veteran population.”

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